Industrial laundry

Industrial laundry

Industrial laundry refers to a commercial laundry operation that provides services to businesses and organizations that require large-scale laundering of textiles and garments. This can include items such as uniforms, linens, towels, bedding, and other similar items that are used in industries such as hospitality, healthcare, and manufacturing.

By outsourcing these services to an industrial laundry provider, they can ensure that their laundry needs are met efficiently and effectively, allowing them to focus on their core business operations

About the factory

Investment in laundry services brings Serbia to the level of European quality in this field and puts it in a leading position in the Balkans. The “Armonia Holding” group of Italian companies, with a greenfield investment worth 6 million euros, is building a modern laundry facility on a total area of 3,500 square meters. The main goal of the investment is to offer services to the healthcare, hospitality, and industrial sectors.

What we do

Washing laundry

The factory was built and equipped according to modern European industrial laundries, taking into account every detail in the production process. The use of ecological and certified products, dosed depending on the type of fabric and degree of soiling, makes the washing process stable, safe, and efficient.

Leasing laundry

The service upgrade we offer at our factory is certainly laundry leasing. This service provides our clients with special comfort, reflected in high-quality laundry, always sufficient in quantity and type of laundry, and provides significant savings in the long term.

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